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Aluminum metal label for perfume bottle

Parameter:Square,triangle,round,sectorialform,simicircle。Gold,Silver,Black,with pressed, laser and printing LOGO
Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
Terms of payment and delivery:30%deposit
Minimum order quantity:20000pcs
Packing details:Export standard packing
Delivery time:30days
Payment method:T/T
Aluminum metal label for perfume bottle
Aluminum metal label for perfume bottle
Aluminum metal label for perfume bottle
Custom perfume bottle labels are an important marketing tool for your cosmetic brand. A clear perfume bottle is a great vehicle for your brand message. You can stick these labels on the bottle and convey specific information to your customers. To learn more about the importance of custom perfume bottle labels, here are some of their benefits. Weigh your options when choosing a design. How will the labels be used? What characteristics will appeal to your target market?

Tamper evident seals are another feature to look for. This seal protects you from being ripped off and sampled by others. Security labels can withstand rough handling and exposure. Also, they don't wear out easily. These benefits make fragrance labels perfect for retail displays. If you're not sure how to design your own labels, take a look at the suggestions below. Choose a design that matches the bottle design.


Shaoxing City Decoration Electro-chemistry Co., Ltd.

Established in 1984, Shaoxing City Decoration Electro-chemistry Co., Ltd specializing in manufacturing aluminum-based surface anodizing processing and also one of the biggest anodizing packaging company in China.
We are mainly supplying various kinds of cosmetic packaging for make-up, perfume, personal care and also aluminum packaging for food and drugs. We are professional China perfume bottle Metal Label suppliers. We wholesale Aluminum Metal Label for Perfume Bottles. We also export Caps, Shoulder, Collar, Bottles, Pump for perfect bottle & jar packaging solution.
Initially our company developed its business through close cooperation with Shanghai Jahwa, to supply aluminum packaging for China’s first high-end series of “Ruby” brand cosmetics, which were presented as national gift to former U.S. First Lady, Nancy Reagan and British Queen Elizabeth during their visits in China.
Since then, our aluminum packaging have earned great reputation and affection from such celebrities and famous brands all over the world.
Shaoxing City Decoration Electro-chemistry Co., Ltd.