What metal effects can electroforming signs make? The electroformed signs are very beautiful and of high quality. Let me tell you about the effect of electroformed signs: let's talk about it from four aspects:

1. The first choice is to talk about the surface effect of electroforming signs: it can be made into bright, matte, horizontal, matte, brushed and other effects.

2. Various colors of electroplating signs: many colors can be made, such as gold, silver, gun, black, red, rose red and other colors.

3. The thickness of the electroplating sign is very thin: the general thickness is 0.1MM, and it can also be 0.03--0.15MM thick. The size, specification, packaging and delivery time are all according to customer requirements.

4. Application range of electroplating signs: metal material, self-adhesive adhesive, convenient and fast pasting, strong metal three-dimensional effect, easy deformation, bright color, exquisite and gorgeous, good sign decoration. Suitable for most flat surfaces {such as mobile phones, computers , Notepad, MP3, furniture, etc.} and easy to clean TEDA signs are engaged in metal sign customization, nameplate customization, electroforming signs, metal logo customization, stainless steel sign making, electroplating vacuum plating, PET sign making, aluminum sign customization services.