What are the methods of using nickel label? The use method of nickel label: engaged in metal label customization, nameplate customization, metal sticker customization, metal label, stainless steel label production, electroplating vacuum plating, PET label production, aluminum label customization services.

1、Wipe the dust on the surface of the product with a dry cloth; (if there are oil stains on the surface of the product, it should be wiped clean with industrial alcohol)

2、Tear off the release paper on the back of the metal label; (note that it is tearing the release paper on the back, not tearing the surface of the label)

3, will tear off the release paper label on the surface of the product.

4、After the electroforming label is attached to the product, use a dry cloth to wipe flat and compact.

5、After pasting, then tear up the surface protective film diagonally at 45 degrees (Note: If the last step of smoothing and compacting, the residual adhesive along the edge of the product can be torn off together with the protective film.

6、Paste it up. The company now has a high level of metal sign design and production technology and rich quality control experience, from product design, development to mass production all independent completion, shorten the supply cycle to ensure that meet the different needs of customers, has reached a monthly production capacity of 5 million pieces of electroforming signs and decorative parts.