Now metal signs are very common, most of them are electroformed signs, why is it very common, it is because electroformed signs have great advantages:.

1, electroformed signs on the environment pollution degree is slight, and other methods of production of metal signs, electroformed signs on the environment pollution degree is slight. It does not use corrosion, so there is no etching aspect of pollution.

2、The area of electroforming required for electroforming sign is about 1/7 of the area of conventional sign, so the pollution of electroforming sign is only 1/7 of the pollution of conventional plating sign, and the waste water is simple sulfate waste water, which is easy to handle.

3, electroformed signs save material is also the characteristics of electroformed labels: because there is no carrier, according to the test: the same size of metal signs, the use of electroforming method of production of materials consumed only 1 / 7 of the production of intaglio (etching) method.

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