Metal transfer stickers are one of the surface treatment processes that have developed rapidly in recent years and have a wide range of applications. Metal transfer stickers, also known as electroforming ultra-thin metal labels, metal stickers, electroforming signs, metal Split self-adhesive sign, UP metal standard transfer can be said to be a modern printing technique. It is a kind of printing technology that uses high pressure to transfer the graphics and text on the carrier to the surface of the workpiece, so that the workpiece can realize various materials and scenes. Transfer printing wood grain, blue and white porcelain, cloth grain and other material patterns, as well as watercolor painting, Chinese painting, calligraphy and painting, etc. can all be realized by transfer printing; and transfer printing is usually divided into several categories: water transfer printing, air transfer printing, silk screen Transfer printing, thermal transfer printing, cold transfer printing, etc., but the effect is the same, but the method is different.​​

The production process of water transfer printing:

1. First make water mark transfer printing paper

2. Soak the flower paper for about 30 seconds

3. Put the substrate to be transferred into water, and transfer the soaked flower paper to the surface of the substrate.

4. Then put the transfer substrate into the oven. The metal, ceramic and glass substrates are baked at 140°C for 20 minutes, and the plastic substrates are baked at 70°C for 60 minutes; remember that candles, helmets, and tempered glass are not need to bake.​​

5. Spray a layer of transparent matte oil on the substrate, and carry out another 12-hour drying process. As a branch of stainless steel decorative plate, transfer plate has its position in the market and can be used in hotel engineering, bathroom, cabinet, decoration, door industry, metal products and other fields. The rest of the surface treatment process cannot be achieved, then transfer printing is a good choice.

The production process of heat transfer printing:

1. First make high-resolution patterns or texts

2. Make an electric engraving plate according to the size of the picture

3. Then install the electroengraving plate on the printing machine and print it on the PET polyester film, that is, print it into a heat transfer printing film