Today to tell you about the production of badges: 1. What is the preferred material for badges? Generally divided into these metal materials: plexiglass plates, acrylic plates, metal plates (copper, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum plates), PVC materials, two-color plate materials, other suitable for screen printing plastic, etc.

2、What is the production process of metal signage? Using a very fine special mesh, the required content, patterns, text through the output center into a film, and then through the sun screen technology, the complete appearance on the special mesh, and finally through the machine or manual, manual the pattern on the mesh successfully copied on the product or plate, material, this process is called screen printing, also known as four-color screen printing or sun screen printing, as most of the screen printing is now applied to organic glass, so it is also called organic glass screen printing, or organic screen printing.

The badge made by the above technology is called screen printing badge, organic screen printing badge or organic glass screen printing badge. The company now has the industry's high-level metal sign design and production technology and rich quality control experience, from product design, development to mass production all independent completion, shorten the supply cycle to ensure to meet the different needs of customers, has reached a monthly production capacity of 5 million pieces of electroforming signs and decorative parts.