How much is the price of a custom metal sign? Want to do metal signage, how to price, to give you about metal signage pricing issues: the price of metal signage depends on its material, specifications, quantity, process materials, etc..

There are some uncommon and non-metallic materials, the price difference between these materials is copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials, and the price of these metal signs material, from the price of metal raw materials to be different 1, for example: zinc alloy signs, this material is often used in the process of casting, while aluminum is die-casting, zinc alloy signs often use electroplating, oxidation process as a surface treatment effect, aluminum is used to high gloss or spray paint to deal with the surface.

The price of raw materials is the same, but zinc alloy signs are more expensive than aluminum signs. 2, about the size of metal signs. The bigger the size, the more expensive, the thicker the more expensive. The more the unit price is cheaper, a metal sign from the beginning of processing to the finished product, at least 5 processes required Material - stamping - painting - highlighting - packaging, this is the simplest aluminum sign process, if the font has a color also requires manual point paint, other materials will have electroplating, oxidation, polishing, corrosion and other processes.

Labor costs, material costs, labor time costs, are very high, batch, the price will be much cheaper. 3, metal signs time cost, time cost is also a problem to consider. Metal sign customization, nameplate customization, metal logo customization, stainless steel sign production, electroplating vacuum plating, PET sign production, aluminum sign customization services.