An aluminum dropper bottle can be used to store small amounts of liquids. These bottles come in different styles and designs. They can be used for water or oil-based liquids. These bottles can be easily turned upside down for dispensing the liquid. The bottles are convenient to use and can be easily carried while traveling or camping.

Most bottles come with an extra packaging, such as a paperboard container. This provides a more finished look and doubles the space available for branding and product information. This additional packaging offers the company an additional opportunity to differentiate their product from the competition. Branding messages can be displayed on the exterior of the container, which gives the product a unique look.

When purchasing a dropper, look for a cap that fits on the bottle. Ensure that the cap is child resistant. Some dropper caps are made to be senior-friendly and will not cause harm to older individuals. The cap will come in different shapes and sizes, and you should choose the one that is right for you.