The main reasons for glass bottle high temperature spray paint blistering are:
1. The coating film is in contact with water or exposed to a high temperature environment;
2. The solvent evaporates too fast, and the viscosity of the coating is too high;
3. Paint before the gas mixed into the paint is completely released after stirring;
4. Some solid substances in the coating will automatically separate and liberate gas, which will cause bubbles to pass through the coating film.
Solution to high temperature spray paint for glass bottles:
1. Do not touch the paint with water during construction, and avoid long-term exposure to high humidity when the un-dried film is not dried;
2. Use matching solvents and thinners, and adjust the paint viscosity to a moderate level;
3. It is best to add alcohol solvents and defoaming aids.
4. The agitated paint should be cured for a certain period of time before construction.